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We truly care about our users and our product. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

Did you know there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes? Well this could mean the endless possibilities for businesses to reach their potential customers and resell to current customers through mobile marketing techniques. This is when you can make the best use of SMS gateways, for we are one of the Best Bulk SMS Service providers in India.

We can help you boost productivity and make it easy for you to enter the competitive world with full confidence. With over a billion mobile subscribers and over 400 million internet users, India truly stands as a strong market. Organizations that make the best use of mobile marketing techniques stand a higher and quicker chance than those who do not implement such techniques.

At KYI Soft Solutions Pvt Limited, our dedicated teams are well equipped with latest technology knowledge in Contextual, Image and Mobile Advertising required in the current era of digital media advertisement. We have some great tailor-made solutions for you in terms of Bulk SMS Service, Promotional SMS, toll free number service in India, Virtual Number service, and voice SMS service. See our complete lists here: Services

When we started our journey in the year 2009, we had only one thing on our mind- Customer happiness, and we ensured we kept striving for it throughout the years that made us what we are today. Most of our marketing campaigns at KYI Soft Solutions are tailor-made to suit our customers and their particular requirements. Having worked with different industry players has made our teams even smarter with improvised expertise.

We as a Bulk SMS Service provider understand this and thus know what will work for our clients. We are also known for being one of the top Virtual Number service providers in Delhi NCR.

Bulk SMS may not be new; however, for many a business, it is the future of marketing. With its many associated benefits, it is revolutionizing customer interaction and is likely to do so for years to come. Compared to the costs of marketing via TV and print which is high for any business, sending bulk SMS to the target audience is highly cost effective, with messages costing as little as a few cents. As such, this solution is not only more cost effective but also offers a much higher ROI. Such a method could mean even small businesses and start-ups could reach thousands of potential customers quickly with little effort.

Using bulk SMS software or Virtual Number service in India for marketing isn’t something new but in the recent times it is one of the main ways for businesses to spread a word about their products and services. Moreover, this form of promotion is improvising customer interaction levels. When done the right way, it could even mean more ROI too. Contact us today to fix and appointment with us and we would present to you the benefits of Bulk SMS Service. You can also reach us by calling us at +91-921-110-0955 or email us at info@kyisolutions.com.

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