Short Code & Long Code Services

Promote your brand with the same number each time and create a unique identity using suitable mobile campaigns

A re you planning to acquire business phone numbers that suit multiple requirements? There are two prime options – short code & long code to fit the organizational needs. Long code service is meant for two-way communication and is done through dedicated numbers. It helps to convey the right messages with texts and ensures greater ease of action. Our long-code SMS services are built with end-to-end API integration to optimize optimal efficiency.

A short code is a 5 or 6 digital number used by businesses to scale the organizational output. The short code services are included in the SMS marketing program by texting a phrase as part of a ‘keyword’ to a short code. These short phone numbers are way shorter than normal phone numbers and opting for the specific code becomes easy. Send a high volume of text SMS with short code services and reach a larger audience base.
  • Quick Setup of Codes
  • Start-Stop Service Via Long Code
  • Free for Customers & Clients
  • Uninterrupted SMS Services
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Multi-Layered Filtration

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Our Strategy

We assist businesses with the development of suitable codes for businesses generating leads & addressing marketing requirements. A long code number is 10 digital virtual mobile numbers to save encrypted messages to desired destinations. The short code is half the digits of the long code and is meant for smoother communication across desired routes.

Our SMS services are meant to optimize your SMS marketing plans and address the requirements of customers. Send a time-sensitive message to your clients and we support marketing communications on specific terms. Use a reliable SMS gateway for boosting the optimal outcomes using the desirable SMS codes.

  • List Management
  • Auto Reply SMS
  • Notifications for Each Incoming SMS
  • Dashboards
  • Access SMS Incoming on Mobiles
  • API Webhook Integration
  • Premium Number Codes
Use our reliable short code & long code SMS services are meant for sending bulk messages and prove to be a safe mobile verification system.